Karachi: (Commerce Report/13-09-23) Chairman of Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan Malik Muhammad Bustan has said that the positive effects of the crackdown against the dollar mafia under the orders of Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir are coming and the rate of the dollar is continuously decreasing and Wednesday.

Even today, the dollar rate has been less than 300 rupees in the interbank and open currency market. Ever since the crackdown, the entire nation is congratulating the army chief because General Asim Munir has taken the burden of what the civil government was supposed to do. Malik Bostan said that the Army Chief has proved that if any better step is taken, then Allah Almighty will give success in it because now the price of sugar has decreased and soon the rates of electricity and petrol will also decrease while the rates of the dollar will decrease. It is continuously decreasing and in the coming days the dollar will be Rs 290 in the first phase and if the operation continues on a continuous basis then the dollar will reach Rs 280 and Rs 270 while it is also expected that the dollar will reach Rs 250 in the coming days.

He said that ever since the crackdown started, the supply of exchange companies has increased and we have sold 15 million dollars interbank daily and this is the largest amount in the last one year because the amount was more than 5 to 7 million dollars last year. There was no money in the interbank, but now in the coming days, it is expected that 20 million dollars will be sold in the interbank daily, while during this month we will sell 500 million dollars in the interbank. That is, the clients who are coming to sell currency in the exchange companies, the agencies go to their details and are reaching the client’s homes to find out where they got the dollar or other currency, due to which people now sell foreign currency. I believe that this is a conspiracy against Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir and the present government. It should be made that the houses in which foreign currency is lying and they are coming to sell, no agency stops them on the way, their registered number should be given in the portal so that people can show the currency to them and at any number they go to sell their currency or deposit and similarly if anyone harasses people at the time of currency sale then complaint number should be given so that complaint can be filed online so that action can be taken against those officials who are sabotaging this best practice.

Better future of Pakistan, he said. For every good initiative success is necessary, it is also important to protect people so that people can cash their currency otherwise if people go back to black then the army chief’s hard work will be wasted which we don’t want in any case.