KARACHI: In a preeminent event organized by Institute of Charted Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has been awarded “First Position”, during Digital Technology Award Ceremony. The Award is linked to the “Advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA)”.  PPL’s RPA initiative is the Innovative Application of Robotic Automation Technology in Joint Venture Accounting, by an E&P company in Pakistan.

In total, Sixty National and Multinational Companies contested in three categories. Chief Financial Officer (CFO), of PPL, Mr. Mohammad Khalid Rehman received the award during Accounting Technology Innovation Congress, on August 12, held at Hotel Movenpick Karachi.

The initiative is in-house digital transformation towards automation of cost allocation and reporting to Joint Venture Partners. It has contributed to efficiency while ensuring, accuracy and reliability of reporting, with minimum manual intervention.

The event organized by ICAP’s Digital Assurance and Accounting Board, is the first of its kind Congress, aimed at recognizing innovations in use of latest technologies.