PESHAWAR: Customs Enforcement and Customs Intelligence have destroyed smuggled products worth millions of rupees at Aza Khail. These goods including cigarettes, betel nut, toiletries, clothing, shoes, and electronics and other goods.

Chief Collector KPK Fayyaz Anwar, Collector Enforcement Moinuddin Wani, Director I&I and other officers were present on the occasion.

The destruction of smuggled goods is a major blow to smugglers and helps to protect the Pakistani economy. Smuggling can lead to shortages of essential goods, price fluctuations, and unfair competition for legitimate businesses. Pakistan Customs is committed to combating smuggling and protecting the Pakistani economy.

Here are some of the reasons why Pakistan Customs is destroying smuggled products:

·         To protect the Pakistani economy from unfair competition.

·         To ensure that only legitimate goods are available for purchase in Pakistan.

·         To raise revenue for the government.

·         To deter smuggling.

Smuggling is a serious problem that can have a negative impact on the Pakistani economy. By destroying smuggled products, Pakistan Customs is helping to protect the economy and ensure that only legitimate goods are available for purchase.