Islamabad: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) determines the revenue requirements of sui companies for F.Y 2023-24. The average prescribed price per MMBTU of gas is recommended as Rs.1238.68 and the increase in price per MMBTU is Rs.415.11 with increase percentage of 50% for SNGPL.

The Average prescribed price for SSGC is determined as Rs.1350.68 with increase in price per MMBTU is Rs.417.23 and the increase percentage is 45%.

It is pointed out that average prescribed price determined by OGRA, mainly comprises of cost of gas that constitutes approximately over 85% of the determined price. Cost of gas is a pass-through item and is calculated in accordance with the agreement signed between Government of Pakistan and gas producer companies.

The Federal Government has been requested for advice on category-wise sale prices. Any revision, as advised by Federal Government, shall be accordingly notified by OGRA. Till such time the existing category-wise natural gas sale prices shall continue to prevail.

2. The details of OGRA’s decision regarding revenue requirements of gas utilities are available at

Imran Gahzanvi