KARACHI: As per the Import Policy Order 2022, import of pesticides is subject to Prior-Shipment Inspection (PSI) Certification by the pre-shipment certification companies notified by the Department of Plant Protection DPP).

Prior to the implementation of PSW, the subject PSI certification and its endorsement by the DPP was done manually.

PSW, in collaboration with the DPP and the PSI companies, has now automated the manual endorsement process through data integration with the PSI companies which shall share PSI certificate with PSW through Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) and the same will be made available to traders for consumption.

The PSW module, in this regard, has been developed and is currently under pilot run. The traders will associate their PSI reports with Single Declaration (SD) at the time of filing and shall not be required to upload/present physical copies of these certifications to the DPP officer.

Similarly, the DPP Officer will also issue endorsement certificate through the PSW system which will be available to the trader for print/download or record purpose.

Training and awareness sessions in this regard have already been conducted by the PSW for the training and information of the traders, DPP and PSI certification companies.

In view of the above, it is informed that in the wake of successful completion of the pilot run, the manual endorsement of PSI certification will be discontinued w.e.f. Monday 22.05.2023 and from the said date, the DPP will only endorse the certifications electronically and will issue endorsement certification through PSW.