Karachi: The business community of Pakistan has paid tribute to UBG Patron-in-Chief and Caretaker Minister of Industry and Commerce Punjab SM Tanveer for understanding the problems of the business community and struggling to solve them, saying that the current FPCCI The leadership and its leaders have failed to understand, listen and resolve the problems of the business community across Pakistan. “Dante” is active in giving statements against it. General Secretary of United Business Group (Sindh Zone) Hanif Gohar, Central Spokesperson Gulzar Feroze, former Vice Presidents of FPCCI Tariq Haleem, Shabnam Zafar, Shakeel Ahmad Dhingra, Sheikh Umar Rehan, Malik Khuda Bakhsh and others said that all the provinces of Pakistan need a personality like SM Tanveer, who as caretaker minister of Punjab is going to the business community to find out the problems at their doors, the business community is proud of SM Tanveer and he Like his father SM Munir, he has made service to the business community his motto and the business community of Pakistan is with him in this mission. The UBG leaders said that FPCCI, which claims to represent the business community. The ruling group and officials have left the business community alone and in the most difficult circumstances, SM Tanveer visited the chambers of commerce and trade associations across Pakistan, markets and went to their doorsteps to listen to the problems of the business community and solve these problems. The UBG leaders requested SM Tanveer to visit Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations in other cities of Pakistan.