QUETTA: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Quetta with the assistance of FC, Police and IB raided a warehouses and recovered large quantity of urea fertilizer and sugar, which was to be smuggled abroad.

In pursuance of a credible information received from Mr Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, Director General Customs Intelligence, the Regional Directorate of Customs Intelligence Quetta made a raid at Sarawaan Godown at Eastern Bypass, Near Pepsi Cola Company, Quetta.

The subsequent search led to recovery of fertilizer 25000 bags of 50 kg each approx. (20% deteriorated); sugar 500 bags of 50 kg each. The approximate value of seized goods is Rs87.7 million.

Smuggling of urea and sugar can have significant negative impacts on a country’s economy, as it can lead to decreased revenue for the government, increased prices for consumers, and potential harm to domestic industries.

Customs departments play a crucial role in preventing smuggling by monitoring ports, borders, and other points of entry to the country. They may use a variety of methods, such as physical inspections, x-ray scanning, and intelligence gathering to identify and intercept smuggled goods.

Running a campaign against urea and sugar smuggling would likely involve public awareness campaigns to educate the public about the harms of smuggling and the consequences of getting caught. Customs departments may also increase inspections at high-risk entry points and work with other law enforcement agencies to track down and prosecute smugglers.

Overall, the goal of such a campaign would be to discourage smuggling and protect the country’s economy and consumers.

In another operation, Customs Intelligence & Investigation Quetta carried out strict vigilance on Quetta-Chaman Highway and intercepted a truck near New Police Station, Kuchlak.

Thorough rummaging and checking of the vehicle led to recovery of various non-duty paid/smuggled items including Cigarettes of various brands, HTV Tyres, Green Tea, Welding Rods, Padlocks, Gillete Blue II Razors, Soaps, bearings, Infusion Sets, Invertors, Mobile Phone Accessories and Medicinal Drugs.

Value of the seized smuggled goods and vehicle is Rs94.19 million.

Criminal and quasi-judicial proceedings have been initiated against the culprits involved in the offence and further investigations are underway.

Chairman FBR Mr Asim Ahmad and Director General Mr Faiz Ahmad Chadhar have appreciated the efforts of Mr Nadeem Memon Regional Director Customs Intelligence Quetta and his team for excellent performance despite their limited resources.

The operations were carried out on the directions of the Prime Minister who ordered tough action against smugglers who have caused massive increases in prices of these and other commodities in the country.