KARACHI: Two consignments of Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) were seized by Customs officials in Pakistan, revealing that dangerous petroleum products were being imported without the mandatory license (DPL) in connivance with Customs staff.

Additional Director Afzaal Wattoo received information from DG Faiz Ahmed that M/s Kausar Processing Industries in Faisalabad and M/s Puri Chemical Company in Karachi were importing Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM), a dangerous petroleum product, without obtaining the mandatory license (DPL) prescribed under the Petroleum Act 1934. Customs staff were clearing the consignments in connivance with the importers.

Deputy Director Abeer Javed directed the gate staff to block the two consignments of VAM. Upon detailed scrutiny, the consignments were seized and the seizure reports were sent to the relevant collectorates for adjudication.

Further investigation revealed that since January 2022, a large quantity of 28,804 MT of VAM had been released against five hundred ninety-two (592) GDs from the Ports of Karachi, without the required DPL. Despite the clarity of laws and rules on this matter, officers and officials posted in the Collectorate ignored this requirement, raising suspicions of their connivance with the importers.

In conclusion, it appears that officers and officials working in the Collectorate may have been involved in allowing the importation of VAM without the necessary license, even though the laws and rules were clear on the matter.