KARACHI: Customs Enforcement Karachi has intensified their anti-smuggling activities, resulting in the seizure of a significant amount of smuggled goods, including diesel and banned items. These efforts come at a critical time as the country grapples with a severe shortage of foreign currency and a rapidly rising trade balance.

An actionable information was received through Chief Collector Enforcement Yaqoob Mako to collector Enforcement Usman Bajwa to the effect that a wooden launch namely “Al-Yaseen” would attempt to smuggled Iranian Origin diesel oil in the coastal area.

Pursuant to the said information, Additional Collector Amjad Rajpar chalked out an operational strategy and a team comprising of the staff of Anti-smuggling Organization was constituted to foil the attempt.

Subsequently, the suspected launch was spotted in the open sea near Astola Island, within the territorial water of Pakistan Customs. The said launch after seeing the Customs speed boat tried to escape, however after some chase the suspected wooden launch was apprehended and eventually stopped.

Checking led to recovery of smuggled 20,372 liters of diesel worth Rs3.36 million, while the value of the boat is Rs10 million. The entire operation was conducted by Customs Enforcement without any assistance from Maritime agency.

Moreover, Amjad Rajpar affected a raid at a warehouse at Chahnti lane near Bolton market and recovered large quantity of smuggled cigarettes, gutka, shisha flavor, vape flavor and chewing tobacco worth Rs166.24 million.

Since the posting of Amjad Rajpar in Customs Enforcement Karachi, the collectorate is carrying out extensive anti-smuggling activities.

Customs officials work closely with other law enforcement agencies and intelligence services to identify and disrupt smuggling networks. They also engage in education and outreach programs to raise awareness about the negative impact of smuggling on society and the economy.

Through these efforts, Customs agencies are working tirelessly to protect the public from the harmful effects of smuggling and ensure that goods entering the country are legitimate and safe for consumption. Despite the challenges posed by smugglers, Customs agencies remain committed to their mission of maintaining the integrity of international trade and protecting the interests of their countries and citizens.