KARACHI: A mammoth quantity of smuggled Irani fuel finds its way into the markets of Baluchistan, Sindh and Punjab. It is a huge business, though illegal.

Irani diesel, which is good in quality, costs Rs100 cheaper than the locally available fuel because of higher taxes and levies.

Around 250 tankers carrying smuggled diesel ranging 20,000 liters to 80,000 liters move from Baluchistan to Punjab each day.

Customnews.pk investigation has found that one such truck allegedly pays Rs221,000/truck round to several law enforcement, enforcement and security agencies in Punjab alone. This is in addition to Rs100,000/month paid to Customs Intelligence. Payments to ensure safe transportation in Baluchistan are in addition to this.

Afghan nationals Mulla Tahir and Rehmatullah are running this enterprise and their accomplice a Pakistani named Allah Wadeen, a resident of Quetta. These three men collect the bribes from the truckers/smugglers.

These three men claim to be collecting money on behalf of different police stations, enforcement and security agencies.

According to the tariff distributed, by the above mentioned three men, among the truckers/smugglers, the schedule of bribes per vehicle is as follows.

Rs5,000 for In-Charge Sakhi Sarwar

Rs11,000 for SHO Sakhi Sarwar

Rs5,000 for In-Charge Sakhi Sarwar Bazar

Rs3,000 for Sakhi Sarwar toll plaza

Rs5,000 for Gadai police station

Rs5,000 for Darahma police station

Rs5,000 for Jawad ghazi Ghat toll plaza police

Rs3,000 for Malik Sahab in Ghazi Ghat

Rs3,000 for Kaiser Sahab in Ghazi Ghat

Rs5,500 for Sindh Excise department

Rs6,000 for SHO Qureshi police station

Rs5,000 for SHO Gujrat police station

Rs4,000 for CIA Dera Ghazi Khan

Rs8,000 for FIA Dera Ghazi Khan

Rs2,000 for IB Dera Ghazi Khan

Rs75,000 for Customs Multan

Rs4,500 for IB Muzaffar Garh

Rs,4000 for Muzaffar Garh Civil Line Police station.

Mulla Tahir, Rehmatullah and Allah Wadeen also collect Rs45,000 from every smuggled diesel transporting vehicle claiming to be collecting for Military Intelligence in Punjab.

These vehicles carrying smuggled fuel enjoy full impunity to move between provinces distributing the commodity. After, all these smugglers pay a hefty bribes each day.

Smuggled diesel trucks start their journey from Panjugur to Quetta to Loralai. From there they move to Rakhni then Pat Pando to Pahan and Sakhi Sarwar. From Sakhi Sarwar, these vehicles move to DG Khan to Sheikhupura to Multan and finally Faisalabad. Bribes in Punjab start from Sakhi Sarwar.

An official said Irani diesel was good in quality, but the smugglers mixed it with white oil and kerosene oil to keep it par with the locally produced/available diesel.