Islamabad: The renowned real estate brand AAA Associates ensures it will continue its commitment to social responsibility by supporting social uplift activities. The company carries out these social activities through its NGO named Yousaeid Foundation. There are a number of social uplift activities that come under the framework of the NGO. This year, the same activities will be continued as part of the social corporate responsibility.

Yousaeid Foundation manages food distribution campaigns that target hundreds of people living in destitute and absolute poverty.This food distribution campaign continues in Ramzan as well. This year the food distribution campaign will target needy individuals in twin cities. During the floods in Balochistan and Sindh Yousaeid Foundation distributed food among the affected people through an organized campaign. The campaign involved distributing food packages and parcels to be transported to the inundated regions and relief camps of the two provinces.

Pakistani society is also filled with people who are deserving of help but are not identified. Yousaeid Foundation identifies such individuals in society and then takes initiative to help them out. This activity is not included as part of the social campaigns. Yousaeid Foundation actively supports Sustainable Development goals such as education, gender equality, better living and working conditions, and environment.