LAHORE: Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-Customs, Regional Office, Lahore has performed exceptionally well in February 2023 by demonstrating vehement resilience against the menace of smuggling and evasion of duty & taxes.

Customs Intelligence Lahore has ensured meticulous implementation of tax laws, administrative processes and procedures within the broader contours of guidelines laid down by FBR and national policy.

Key driving force behind extra ordinary performance in all respective areas was persistent encouragement and guidance provided by Mr Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, Director General Customs Intelligence. Ms. Saima Shehzad, Director Intelligence Lahore funneled available resources (especially HR) efficiently, that resulted in exemplary success story for the Directorate. Additional Director, Ch Rizwan Bashir Kalair personally supervised all the operations. Brief details of achievements of the Directorate are as under:-


Main feature of February 2023, is that Customs Intelligence Lahore seized 30 non duty paid vehicles in this month, which is record for highest number of vehicles seized in a month. These involved NDP/Tampered cars/jeeps/heavy bikes valuing PKR 254 million.

The seized vehicles include Range Rover Vogue, BMW 7 series 2019 model, Toyota Land Cruiser ZX, Mercedes Benz S 350, Mark X, Toyota Prado, Toyota Surf, Toyota Aqua, Toyota Vitz and heavy bikes of different brands e.g. Yamaha Dragster, Ducati bullet etc. This has also been the highest value of seizures made against NDP vehicles in any given month.

Moreover, the Directorate has also seized various smuggled goods during intel based targeted operations. The seized goods included foreign origin liquor, chandeliers, LED lights, cigarettes, betel nuts, tyres, steel wire, Iranian tiles, skimmed milk, serviceable auto parts, fabric etc.

Enforcement Wing of Lahore Intelligence:

The Enforcement arm of the Directorate on the other hand has framed 8 seizures / contraventions involving CIF value and duty/taxes of 85 million and 58 million respectively in the month of Feb reflecting 14% increase from the corresponding month of the previous year.


The Directorate has auctioned 42 lots involving value of Rs 177 million registering 72% increase in value. Revenue realized during the month was 20.4 million. The auction process has been streamlined and expedited.

Director General Customs Intelligence Islamabad, Ch. Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, lauded the efforts of the Lahore Range team and congratulated supervisory officers Ms Saima Shehzad, Director and Ch Rizwan Bashir Kalair, Additional Director incharge of operations, on this remarkable achievement. The Director General especially applauded extraordinary achievement of Anti-smuggling branch of Lahore Intelligence highlighting that breaking record by seizing 30 vehicles vis-à-vis previous best of 22 vehicles (which was also during the current financial year) was really a remarkable achievement.

More seizures with lesser staff (30% lesser in comparison to the previous year) was truly remarkable and enviable feat.

The team of Customs Intelligence Lahore has resolved to continue working at the same pace (i.e.  24/7) against smuggling networks and tax evaders in order to significantly contribute their share in better enforcement and compliance. This is in line with Pakistan Customs’ prime function of DEFENDING ECONOMIC FRONTIERS of the country.