KARACHI: In a successful bid to foil an attempt to export narcotics concealed in general cargo, Collectorate of Customs (Exports), Karachi along with Collectorate of Customs (Enforcement & Compliance), Karachi under the leadership of Chief Collector Yakoob Makko and Collector Usman Bajwa and under the supervision of Additional Collector Ihsanullah Shah has made a seizure of Amphetamine / Heroin worth 230 million of rupees.

The team of Exports Examination – KICT led by Assistant Collector Rabel Khokhar, intercepted a consignment of salt being cleared in green channel.

On the tip of information and profiling, the examination of consignment destined to UAE was created. A thorough joint examination of the consignment was conducted by a team of Exports and Drug Enforcement Cell. During examination the team has effected a seizure of narcotics (23 kg Amphetamine / Heroin.)

Had the consignment gone undetected, the money would have fallen into rouge hands triggering more criminal activities in the country and if the same has been detected at any other country, it would have created national embarrassment.

Two of the accused have been arrested and produced before the court for remand. FIR has been lodged accordingly. Further investigation is under way.