KARACHI: The denial of provisional release of imported goods after the insertion of Proviso to Section 81 of the Custom Act will be heard by a custom appellate bench of High Court of Sindh on Jan 31. The bench on that date has ordered attendance of some responsible office of Pakistan Customs.

The bench earlier heard Imran Iqbal Advocate representing importer firm Rizwan Traders. The Chairman FBR, Collectors of Custom (Appraisement) East and West are respondents in the petition beside Custom Appellate Tribunal.

The counsel for importer submitted that  after a valuation dispute, the petitioner impugned the Valuation Ruling 1694 of 2022, dated 3-10-2022 under section 25-D of the Customs Act 1969. He submitted that revision was also dismissed vide order dated 21-11-2022 against which an appeal is pending before the Custom Appellate Tribunal. He further submitted that neither the department, nor the tribunal is entertaining applications for provisional release of the goods. He also placed on record copy of order dated 8-9-2022 and submitted that despite directions of the court, the provisional release is regretted by the department.

The bench after hearing the counsel, ordered provisional release as an interim arrangement and directed securing of disputed amount of duty and taxes before the Nazir of the Court by way of Pay order or Bank Guarantee. The bench also fixed Jan 31 to decide the issue of effects of insertion of proviso to the Section 81.