On the occasion of International Customs Day, I extend my heartiest felicitations to all the officers and officials of the Pakistan Customs fraternity.

This year, the International Customs Day is being celebrated all over the world with the theme of “Nurturing Next Generation Promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and professional pride in Customs” which  exactly reflects the current efforts of Pakistan Customs to develop its human capital, with particular focus on new recruits and younger officers.

Customs administration have always played a key role in facilitating and developing economic linkages across courtiers while simultaneously guarding against illicit trade. In developing countries like Pakistan, Customs administrations have assumed another crucial role of revenue generation. Customs related work requires technical expertise, which in turn demands high standards of knowledge, professionalism, and advanced skill set. It is therefore imperative upon the Customs officers to keep striving to acquire knowledge regarding international best practice, modern techniques, upgraded skill sets, advanced process & procedure to perform their job more effectively and efficiently. At Pakistan Customs, it is our aim to create an environments of learning and knowledge sharing through rigorous training programs, participation in discussion forum, and public private dialogue.

In line with the government’s policy to strengthen Customs controls and to meet the challenges arising out of expansion and diversification of Pakistan’s International Trade, Pakistan Customs has always taken pride in creating ease of doing business by launching trade facilitation scheme. Some of the recent initiative includes the Pakistan Single Window, Virtual Assessment system, Port Community System and Export Facilitation Scheme. Further, Pakistan Customs has recently entered into landmark agreements for data sharing and Customs cooperation with a number of courtiers including China, Tajikistan and Russia. All these initiatives will result in more efficient Regional and International Trade, transparent disposal of work as well as  knowledge sharing and creation of a high professional workforce.

On this day, we revere the sacrifices made by the Customs officers/officials who laid down their lives in the line of duty. Commemorating their sacrifices and achievements also inculcates a sense of pride amongst the Customs officers. I hereby urge all the officers of Pakistan Customs to strive for achieving the highest standards of professional expertise, transparency and courtesy. I am confident that by adhering to these values, Pakistan Customs Service shall play its crucial role effectively in protecting Pakistan’s economic frontiers, and contribute to its business and citizens.

At the end, I again congratulate the entire Customs fraternity on this auspicious occasion of International Customs Day.