Asim AhmedChairman FBR


It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to extend my warmest greetings to the officers of Pakistan Customs on the occasion of International Customs Day, 2023. The theme of this year’s event “Nurturing the next Generation: promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and professional pride in Customs” marks the resolution of Customs organizations around the world to foster an environment of sharing professional expertise and knowledge to build a more collaborative and innovative workforce that is better equipped to meet the challenges of the future. This knowledge sharing can either be done through focused and structured training programs or by informal means such as developing a culture of sharing experiences at the work place amongst each other.

Promoting a culture of knowledge based learning within the organization is not only crucial for meeting the challenges faced by the Customs officers in carrying out their core functions but it also inculcates a sense of pride on achieving the desired results. The Customs administrations should always work towards building a sense of ownership and dignity amongst all ranks of the force while encouraging the officers and officials to take pride in their work and highlight the importance of their role in ensuring the safety and security of our borders.

Pakistan Customs has been at the forefront of the road to modernisation and made significant achievements, by adopting the latest business intelligence and data analytics tools in its computerized clearance system. Through its flagship project of Pakistan Single Window, Pakistan Customs is already a notch above many other cross border agencies which is a matter of immense pride. However, the journey to excellence never stops and Organizations need to reinvent themselves as per changing requirements. As the future belongs to the next generation, it is therefore, imperative upon the Customs officers to mentor the next generation and inculcate the values of hard work, discipline, and integrity among them. We must make efforts to create positive awareness among the youth about the crucial role being played by the Customs in safeguarding the economic frontiers of the country.

I once again take this opportunity to congratulate the entire of Pakistan Customs Service on this auspicious occasion.