KARACHI: Ministry of Law and Justice has taken serious note over the administrative as well as financial issues in respect of Customs Apellate Tribunal across the country.

Federal Secretary Law & Justice will preside a meeting Friday afternoon to discuss Administrative and financial matters pertaining to Custom Appellate benches across the country.

The meeting was an off shoot of a complaint on Pakistan Citizens Portal, a government web site where common citizens can lodge complaint against any issue pertaining to government controlled organizations.

Complaints had been lodged at Prime Minister Portal that Member Technical-I lacks the professional competence and basic ethics. He even does not bother to open the file or take notes during the course of hearings. Aggrieved parties are at the mercy of his mood rather than confidence on legal provisions that support them.

It was lodged that Member Judicial-I has been using delaying tactics by adjourning cases on every hearing for no reason. Parties are suffering due to his odd attitude. Unfortunately only favorable files move from his office. Further, he is even not competent enough to understand Customs related issue.