The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s ruling group of Businessman Panel (BMP) has rejected the proposal of appointing the Director General Trade Organizations (DGTO) as the administrator at the FPCCI after December 31, 2022, terming it totally illegal and unconstitutional.

A meeting held here on Tuesday, with BMP Chairman and FPCCI former President Mian Anjum Nisar in the chair, categorically rejected this unlawful and unethical demand of a small group, as the whole business community has already condemned it and called it against the constitution of Pakistan.

Mian Anjum Nasir said that on October 11, 2022, the Parliament in its joint session had unanimously approved the amendment in the Trade Act and Rules by extending the tenure of trade bodies, associations, chambers and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), including the tenure of President, vice president (VP) and senior vice president (SVP).

The amendment was an important requirement for the implementation of policies for economic, industrial and commercial organizations and it was warmly welcomed by Trade and industry circles all over the country, he added.

Mian Anjum Nasir asked the opponent to act according to the prevailing laws and constitution of Pakistan. He said that they don’t have ability to lead the businesses community, as they were defeated and rejected by the business community of entire Pakistan during the last three years and now pressurizing the government and its departments to act against the constitution of Pakistan.

He observed that long-term and consistent policies are must for high industrial growth and sizeable improvement in exports. He said that a serious approach is needed to encourage increased localization of the manufacturing base, along with the lowering of energy intensity of the economy by ensuring energy efficiency and conservation. Moreover, amid the growing issues related to climate change and inadequate food security situation, there is an urgent need to formulate a well-thought-out strategy to meet these challenges, he said. He vowed that the BMP would use all its abilities to address the problems of the business community on priority basis and would surely fulfill the trust of the business community. He said that the solidarity shown by the business community in the FPCCI elections for the last three consecutive years was commendable especially their role in the success of the Businessmen’s Panel will always be remembered. Our aim is only to serve the business community and to solve their problems and take every step to develop trade and industry so that business can flourish and the country’s economy can flourish.

Anjum Nisar said that FPCCI is a strong platform for raising the voice of business community in the power corridors of the country. This is where the issues facing trade and industry will be effectively addressed, as only by providing a conducive business and industrial environment can trade and industry be developed and vast employment opportunities be created.

He stated that the BMP team will continue its tradition of serving the business community without any discrimination and like previous years, this year too, problems will be solved in real sense. However, we must maintain full solidarity and unity and convince the decision makers that we are not only united but also stronger and more organized than ever before on the BMP platform.