KARACHI: President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Mohammed Tariq Yousuf, while referring to reservations expressed by the shopkeepers and restaurants’ owners over reduced business timings, has requested the Sindh government to hold consultation with Karachi Chamber before finalizing and implementing any revision in business hours for shops and restaurants who simply cannot affords to shut down shops earlier under the prevailing circumstances.

With reduced business timings, shopkeepers particularly the restaurants will not be able to continue their businesses as it was a well-known fact that dine-in activities start off at the restaurants after 8:00PM hence, closing down restaurants earlier will be a sheer injustice and prove detrimental for this sector which has witnessed tremendous growth during the past few years. It was really important that the restaurants have to be allowed to stay operational, otherwise, they will find no other option but to close down their businesses which would make hundreds and thousands of people jobless.

He said that the government has to realize the ground realities and understand the dynamics of Karachi where most of the commercial activities start late while the restaurant business gets bullish at late night when the traffic flow reduces on the streets of Karachi and the people start going out for dinner with their families. “Reduced business activities at the restaurants due to limited timings would obviously decrease their business quantum and raise unemployment.”