KARACHI: Revenue Division, Government of Pakistan, has issued the draft of the Pakistan Single Window Trade Data Dissemination, Exchange and Utilization Rules.

The proposed Rules authorize the operating entity to disseminate the trade data collected by it or any of the ancillary systems linked to it including the Customs Computerized.

System, Port Community System, Trade Information Portal etc. or any system ancillary thereto, for any of its authorized purposes.

All data recipients receiving trade data from the PSW system under any MoU, agreement, court’s order or authorization by the PSW Governing Council shall undertake to treat the received data as confidential.

Trade data of non-commercial imports and exports of strategic or national importance shall only be shared with authorized government agencies and departments after obtaining prior written approval from such strategic organizations and shall not be publicly disseminated or published or shared with non-governmental entities for any commercial or noncommercial purpose.

Aggregated and disaggregated trade data not publicly available on PSW websites and various portals may be provided to Customs and OGAs, academics, researchers, think tanks, research institutes and publications, development partners, and other public and private sector entities as authorized by the operating entity for the purposes of academic or market research, policy analysis and development, and other such noncommercial uses subject to such limitations and conditions as specified by the operating entity.

Aggregated and disaggregated trade data subject to such limitations and conditions as specified by the operating entity may be provided to private sector firms or persons etc. as authorized by the operating entity for development of value-added products and services, and other commercial use against a service charge.

The operating entity may itself develop or enter into commercial partnerships with public or private sector entities for development of value-added products and services and share disaggregated trade data for testing and development purposes subject to such conditions as may be specified for maintaining of data confidentiality. The operating entity shall ensure that data provided to any other commercial data recipient with which it has not entered into a partnership agreement, does not in any way disclose information about the personal or business details of any PSW’s user or transaction completed by Customs or OGAs.

The operating entity may exchange trade data with national and international organizations including single window operators, foreign governments, and international organizations pursuant to signing of an agreement or MOU on such terms and conditions as the two sides agree with the approval of the PSW Governing Council for trade data exchange and integration

All trade related data generated by or collected on the PSW system shall at all times be accessible to and shall remain the property of the Federal Government.