Pakistan Coating Association (PCA) headed by Mr. Siraj Uddin, Chairman, PCA, visited The Federation Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI),  at the Federation House.

The Acting President, FPCCI, Mr. Suleman Chawla, welcomed and thanked the Association for their visit to the Federation Chamber. On behalf of FPCCI, he assured PCA delegation to facilitate them in all matters and export of coating industry products. He stated, lot of opportunities exist and emerging in CIS states, namely Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, also Afghanistan being our neighbours, PCA should target these markets to promote coating business mainly focusing on exports. Through their good contacts with the counterparts and Pakistani consulates there, FPCCI can facilitate PCA in promoting coating industry, Mr. Chawla stated.

He offered, PCA to obtain research data information also on CIS states from the R&D Office in FPCCI on request. Mr. Chawla informed, the PCA team that FPCCI recently had sent a delegation to one of the CIS States, where PCA Members could also be included in the same delegation, if they had approached FPCCI earlier. Talking on immediate opportunities for PCA, he apprised that URAN Chamber of Commerce plan to visit FPPCI shortly and an Export Exhibition is coming up soon in Indonesia, expect PCA to avail these events.

Mr. Chawla, suggested PCA, for aggressive marketing through professional presentation including research data and numbers to Secretary, Commerce, Mr. Sawleh Farooqui in Ministry of Commerce and TDAP for promoting coating industry. Also PCA need to participate in all events and activities being organized by Trade Organizations, including FPCCI, he said. Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, Former President, FPCCI, asked PCA to provide details of coating industry’s export oriented products.

Addressing the house, Mr. Siraj Uddin, Chairman, PCA, thanked FPPCI for extending a warm welcome to the Association. Believing on PCA slogan “ Main Nahi Hum” he said let us all work together including FPCCI for the development of trade and business. He requested FPPCI for their guidance to PCA in promoting and developing the coating industry.

Mr. Muhammad Yousuf, Former Senior Vice Chairman, PCA, requested FPCCI to provide advice for promoting and enhancing new markets for coating products. Now that pricing are good in Central Asian Markets, Mr. Khalid Khanani, Former Senior Vice Chairman, PCA, seconded the idea for targeting CIS states.

Those attended the meeting were: Mr. Suleman Chawla, Acting President, and  Mian  Nasser Hyatt Maggo, Former President, from FPCCI. Mr. Siraj Uddin, Chairman, Mr. Muhammad Yousuf, Mr. Khalid Khanani, Former Senior Vice Chairmen, Mr.Musa Yahya Baghpatee, Usman Umer, EC Members and Mr. Iftekhar Rahat, Secretary, South Region from PCA.

Finally, the meeting was concluded by the Acting President, FPCCI, followed by presentation of souvenirs and flower bouquets by the PCA Officials.

In the picture, R to L: Mr. Musa Yahya Baghpatee, Mr. Usman Umer, EC Members, PCA, Mr. Muhammad Yousuf, Former Senior Vice Chairman, PCA, Mr. Siraj Uddin, Chairman, PCA, Mr. Suleman Chawla, President, FPCCI, Mr. Khalid Khanani, Former Senior Vice Chairman, PCA, Mr. Farhan Uddin, Member, PCA, Mr. Khurram Ijaz, Former Vice President, FPCCI and Mr.Iftekhar Rahat, Secretary, PCA South Region.