Dr Asif Mahmood Jah, Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO), Government of Pakistan, has asked Pakistan Coating Association (PCA) to nominate a member to become an advisor in member of the advisory committee of FTO to resolve the sales tax return and custom-related complaints/issues of the coating industry on speedy manner. While addressing the annual dinner of PCA as a chief guest in Karachi yesterday, he proposed the name of Mr. Siraj Uddin, Chairman of PCA, to take this candidate’s post.

He offered the fullest cooperation for expanding the business of the coating industry at home and abroad. He urged the PCA to digitalize/e-commerce in the marketing of products to keep pace with the world’s digitalization and become more competitive and resilient. He added that FTO has resolved 6000 cases out of 7000 filed by local businessmen and will continue with this spirit after working 29 years in this field.

The annual dinner was addressed by Mr. Siraj Uddin, Chairman of PCA; Mr Moazzam Rasheed, Founder Chairman of PCA; Mr Rehan Allahwala, IT Expert; Muhammad Saleem Farooqui, president of JPSD; Mr Mouhammad Yousuf, Former Senior Vice Chairman PCA, Col (Ret) Liaqat Ali Qamar Secretary General PCA and  Mr. Muhammad Badar Haroon Senior Vice Chairman PCA. Mr. Muhammad Hussain Moosani, Vice Chairman, SITE Association of Industry (SAI) also attended the PCA Dinner Event as Guest of Honour, however, he had to leave early due to prior commitment.

In his welcome address, Mr. Siraj Uddin, Chairman of PCA, thanked Allmighty Allah for making him chairman of the association. He assured members to resolve all the issues of the association with together spirit and would not leave a stone unturned to make the association become a leading trade and industry association.

He has set an export target of US$100 million from the current US$ 19 million level, provided government support, industry willingness/cooperation and adaptation of modernization of international standards in product manufacturing. He emphasizes that all the Pakistan Coating Industry stakeholders become PCA members to strengthen the association’s hands. He requested Pakistan Trade Development Authority (TDAP) to provide the facilities for participation in international and regional fairs to expand exports of coating materials. Similarly, he asked the FPCCI to give a representation in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Meanwhile, the other guest speakers made good suggestions and proposals for improving the working Pakistan Coating Industry in Pakistan. They suggested that PCA should set up an institute for training in the paint and chemicals industry to develop a large force skill forces and chemical experts, etc. The suggestions to join the Amazon and Alibaba e-commerce platform for direct sales were greatly welcomed.

Earlier, Col (Retd) Liaqat Ali Qamar, Secretary-General of PCA, informed that the association will organize the Pakistan Paint & Construction Chemicals Expo – 2023 in Lahore for local and international traders. He presented a brief introduction about PCA and expressed hope that the industry would achieve an export revenue of US$ 300 million in years to come.

He said Pakistan Coating Association is a non-political, non-profitable voluntary trade organization established in 2018 with the objectives to collate, advocate and advance the issues of the coating sector with government bodies, enhancing productivity and skill development and creating synergy within this industry to improve its share in national and global trade.

The PCA platform comprises more than 200 members from the Paint, Coatings, Resins, Adhesives, inks, Powder Coatings, Surface Finishing and Construction Chemicals, Industrial & Protective Coatings and Raw material, machinery manufacturers, Traders and Allied Industries.

Statistics of the Coating industry

Numbers of industrial units of paints and coating materials – More than 4500

Revenue Generation (Share in the national economy annually) – More than PKR 100 Bn.

Exports- USD 300 M in 5 to 7 years.

Employment – Over 1 million people.

Vision Pakistan Coating Association

We are assisting members in liaising with government bodies. To synergize the Coating Industry and stakeholders in becoming a significant player at the Global level.

To work collectively to develop the coating industry in reducing waste and bringing profitability. Let’s grow together.

Former Senior Vice Chairman, PCA Mr. Muhammad Yousuf, while addressing suggested resolving taxation issues pertaining to FBR.

Objectives — Pakistan Coating Association,

Training and education of different tiers to make them market efficient, promoting and boosting trade through legislative work, and furnishing market information to members for customer preferences and market opportunities. Awareness through seminars and workshops on problems being faced by the industry. Rendering advice on technical and legal issues. Promotion of Industry through effective advertisements.

Benefits to the Members

By adopting and pursuing the vision and objectives of PCA, the members will find it beneficial to interact with the government agencies in getting refunds, resolving intra-member trade disputes, social networking through frequent meetings at the association level, and acting as an R&D Center for new developments in this sector.

Senior Vice Chairman, PCA, Badar Haroon presented vote of thanks followed by distribution of souvenirs to few guests and pioneer members of PCA, also had group photo session.