Karachi: The University of Karachi, Department of Mass Communication has conducted a seminar about ‘Workplace Harassment and Mental Health’ under the supervision of the Chairperson, Dr Fauzia Naz. Expert psychiatrists and an anchor graced the audience with their presence. Experts elucidate to the audience on the importance of mental health in addition to physical health.

Dr Iqbal Afridi apprised the audience on tackling negative thoughts through various methods including staying positive.

Dr. Salman Shahzad discussed stigma & questions pertaining to mental health and answered related queries.

Anchor Mona Khan informed the audience about ‘Power Harassment’ and the impact of the norm prevailing within organizations.

Guests answered questions & queries of audience in detail also point out forums to contact in case of facing any sort of harassment. Concluding seminar, Chairperson Dr. Fouzia Naz emphasized the importance of the topic and discussed the learning experience through seminar, she also distributes certificates to guests.