KARACHI: A custom appellate bench of High Court of Sindh allowing a petition filed by M.M. Steel ordered Pakistan Customs to allow mutilation of unserviceable Roller Machines imported as scrap.

The bench earlier heard Rana Sakhawat Ali Advocate representing the petitioner company who argued that Petitioner has applied for mutilation of the imported re-meltable iron/steel scrap which also include Roller Machines.

He submitted that the department has dismissed their application on ground that goods imported by the petitioner company are not listed under Rule 592 of the Custom Rules.

The bench after detailed hearing during which counsel for Pakistan Customs vehemently opposed the petitioners request, held that as per photographs and other documents provided by the petitioner company, the items/goods in dispute are unserviceable and hence mutilation of the same would be appropriate provided that petitioner bears all expenses of such mutilation.