KARACHI: Manzoor Ahmed S/o Shah Muhammad convicted to serve a life term in a narcotics case was ordered to be released by an appellete bench of High Court of Sindh giving him benefit of doubt. Umer Farooq Advocate represented the appelant.

The bench comprised Muhammad Karim Khan Agha and Justice Zulfiqar Ali Sangi.
The appellant was booked by Soldier Nazar Police on 25-2-2019 after alleged recovery of 145 Kilograms and 600 gms charas from a truck driven by the appelant/accused. The wooden boxes containing charas were mixed with boxes containing apples. The prosecution claimed to have recovered 134 packets as per musheer nama of recovery while witness said 124 packets were recovered while in trial court 123 packets were produced.

Umer Farooq Advocate besides agitating difference in number of packages recovered, also raised the issue that prosecution failed to keep the recovered contraband in safe custody as officer who made the recovery handed over the same to Investigating Officer after two days which creates doubts. Further the lab report was also not in order and thus benefit of improper lab report shall also go to the accused/appellant, contended Umer Farooq Advocate.

The division bench after detailed hearing, allowed the appeal against life term and ordered forthwith release of the appelant/accused.