LAHORE: Chairman FBR, Mr. Asim Ahmad stressed need to beef up country wide operations against smuggling and smuggled goods, at the Directors’ Quarterly Conference convened in the headquarters office of the Directorate General Intelligence & Investigation, Islamabad. The Director General (I&I) Customs Mr. Faiz Ahmad Chadhar has devised an anti-smuggling policy aligned with parameters of transparency and zero tolerance for smuggling.

Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of the Directorate (I&I) Lahore, has aligned its available (albeit scarce resources) in the current month to achieve better results against smuggling.

I&I Lahore has totally registered 33 seizures during the month of October, 2022 amounting to value of Rs. 1170 Million which is 191% higher in comparison to the value of seizures registered in the corresponding month of  previous FY, besides being the highest / record value of seizures in any given month.

ASO wing of the I&I Lahore has framed seizures of different commodities including Fabric 89,459-Kgs worth Rs. 399.5 million, Electronics worth Rs. 291 Million, Office & Domestic furniture worth Rs. 113 Million, 12 NCP Vehicles (Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2017. Mercedes Car 2006. BMW Car 2004. Toyota Crown 2005. Toyota Prius Car 2009 etc) worth Rs. 84.5 Million, Cosmetics worth Rs. 67 Million, Shoes (Brands ALDO, IMAC. Steve Madden. Kurt Geiger etc) worth Rs. 40 Million, 9 carrier vehicles worth Rs. 39 Million, Autoparts worth Rs. 14.6 Million, Crockery worth Rs. 14 Million, Cigarettes worth Rs. 11 Million, Betel Nuts worth Rs. 7.5 Million, Tyres worth Rs. 4.7 Million and various other Goods

Director (I&I) Lahore Ms. Saima Shahzad, acting in the line of devised strategy, constituted a team under the supervision of Additional Director (ASO), Ch. Rizwan Bashir Kalair, to analyze a tip-off regarding a hideout place of smuggled goods camouflaged inside a private school premises. After proper surveillance, a team comprising of officers/officials of the Directorate including Deputy Director (ASO), Ali Asad and Superintendent (ASO), Rai Waqar and led by Additional Director (ASO), Rizwan Bashir successfully raided the godown that has led to a huge recovery of F/O miscellaneous smuggled goods in a single catch comprising fabric, shoes, cosmetics, tools, furniture, toys, fixtures, crockery and electronics having worth Rs. 856 million which included expired cosmetics amounting to Rs. 60 Million. It is worth mentioning that this has been by far the biggest seizure in the history of Directorate.