HYDERABAD: The Director General (I&I) Customs Mr. Faiz Ahmed has devised an anti-smuggling policy aligned with parameters of transparency and zero tolerance for smuggling.

Director I&I Hyderabad Mohammad Saleem and his ASO team led by Deputy Director Shakeel Larek and ASO Incharge Akmal Hashmi has accordingly aligned its available limited resources to achieve better results against smuggling and seized miscellaneous goods and NCP vehicles.

The value of the seized goods in the month of October 2022 is approximate Rs.150 million which is 56% higher than the corresponding period of last year.

Recently, two oil tankers of smuggled HSD and one vehicle carrying betel nuts seized phenomenon regarding movement in cars.

All the Directorates are working on war footings against smuggling under the able leadership of Directorate General. These steps of Directorate General will divert the flow of smuggled goods into legal imports during the days to come.