KARACHI: Federal Board of revenue has taken a strong notice of alleged mis-representation of facts while filing a constitution petition CP-D-6198. 2022 (in respect of a consignment of commercial construction vehicles).

The Collectorate of Hyderabad while filing the CP against order passed by lower appellate forum maintained that approval has been sought from FBR which has been given accordingly for filing the petition.

The Secretary Legal-Custom II in a letter addressed to the Collector of Customs Hyderabad has stated that matter of permission to file petition was referred to the Legal Advisor as it was time barred.

The Legal Advisor in his advice has asked for filing of a reference seeking condonation of delay in filing the petition.

The Secretary Legal termed the act on part of Hyderabad Collectorate as “mis-representation of facts: and asked the collector to file an explanation within 3 dats.

This is very unsual situation wherein a collectorate was held responsible for filing a case against an order unfavorable to Pakistan Customs as it involves huge amount of duty and taxes.