Information was received through Collector Customs Appraisement and Facilitation Peshawar Moeen Wani to Additional Collector Wajid Ali that an attempt would be made to smuggle foreign origin goods by a vehicle bearing.

Customs staff was alerted. In the meanwhile, the suspected vehicle entered into the Customs Import Terminal. A GD filed by the Importer M/S Ejaz Trading International through M/S Musa Customs Clearing Agency.

The above mentioned GD was marked through WeBOC system to Inspector Subaktageen. Apparently the vehicle was loaded with Mineral Coal. A thorough search of the vehicle was conducted in the presence of witnesses which led to the recovery of foreign origin goods. The goods including tea, cloth, glass beads, medicine and mineral coal worth Rs25 million.

The foreign origin goods along with vehicle have been seized, and investigations are underway.

An official said that these smugglers are very influential that the examination and assessment of transit goods were stopped. Moreover, the marking suggesting “only for Afghanistan”.

Then Director Transit Trade Zeba Azhar tried to control this problem, she was victimized because these smugglers are friends with politically influential people in Pakistan from KPK and Baluchistan.

An official said the quantum of Afghan Transit Trade had increased manifold and goods were imported under transit trade for Afghanistan, which are not even consumed in the neighboring country. These goods are then smuggled back to Pakistan.