LAHORE: The high court dismissed the bail applications of notorious snagged Nabi Baksh and the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement, Lahore arrested him on the charges of smuggling.

The chief collector Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Chauhdry and Collector Enforcement Mr. Mohsin Rafique congratulated the customs team. This is in fact result of the counter smuggling drive carried out vigorously against all major smuggling cartels jointly by the Directorate of customs intelligence Lahore under the command of the Director Ms Saima Aftab and Additional Director Hassan Farid and by the Collectorate of customs enforcement, Lahore under the leadership of the collector Mr. Basit Abbasi during the last two years.

Major anti smuggling operations were carried out by the joint teams not only on roads but the distribution dens of the smuggled goods were also thrashed. In total both the customs formation lodged more than 40 FIRs against Nabi Baksh Group during the last two years and cases were successfully established before the adjudication forums and on criminal side the cases were defended properly which resulted in rejection of bail application by the special judge customs in the month of August.

The bail application by the smuggling cartels were moved before the High court which finally culminated in the arrest of the ring leader namely Nabi Baksh. It is also to be noted that both these formations lodged more than 45 FIRs against the other big cartel led by Sadiq Achakzai and these cases are under process in the court of law.

It is for the first time that a very productive and coordinated cooperation between I&I Lahore and Enforcement Lahore struck a severe blow to the smuggling. An official said that Collector Lahore Mr. Basit Abbasi and Additional Director Hassan Farid jointly created a synergy that effectively made Lahore a no-go area for the smugglers.