KARACHI: on the instructions of Director General I&I, Faiz Ahmed and Chief Collector Enforcement Yaqoob Mako, joint examination of containers pertaining to unaccompanied baggage lying within the jurisdiction of Customs Enforcement Karachi will be carried out.

Director I&I Karachi Saquif Saeed has formed a team under the supervision of Additional Director Nausheen Faisal Khan led team Deputy Collector Tauseef Gorchani to conduct the examination. Customs Enforcement team is supervised by Additional Collector Honnak Baloch and led by Deputy Collector Talha Salman and another Deputy Collector.

The team comprising Mr. Arif Qureshi, Appraising Officer; Mr. Faisal Bashir, Appraising Officer;  Sanam Ariz, Intelligence Officer; and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Appraising Officer is deputed to carry out joint examination of unaccompanied baggage

Tausif Aman Gurchani, Deputy Director, will be incharge of the examination and the above mentioned team will work under his direct supervision and submit container-wise reports to him. He will also be responsible for coordination with the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement, Karachi.

Deputy Director will forward each case along with his recommendations for onward submission to the Director, Intelligence & Investigation, Customs, Karachi for final decision / approval.

It may be recalled that former Additional Director I&I Karachi Ghulam Nabi Kamboh also served Contravention Reports on certain importers/agents for misusing the baggage facility. On the other hand Additional Collector Enforcement Tahir Abbas and Deputy Collector Talha Salman also lodged FIRs against certain accused in this regard.

It may be mentioned here that certain Customs agents and door-to-door delivery service agencies are involved in evading government revenue and import of banned items misusing unaccompanied baggage cargo.

Large number of high value goods such as small tyres, electronics, auto parts, and banned items are imported and cleared under the garb of unaccompanied baggage causing severe losses to the national exchequer.