KARACHI: Two accused namely Faiz Muhammad and Aziz Khan booked by Directorate of Investigations & Intelligence (DIT) were acquitted by the custom court Karachi.

The accused were represented by Franklin Law Associates. According to details, on 15-9-2018, DIT on a report seized 486 bales of foreign origin fabric from M/s Khalifa Warehouse, Shershah, Karachi. The accused submitted the copies of GDs, import documents they obtained from different importers and pleaded that they are in business of purchase of fabric from different importers which was then processed and manufactured.

The Custom Appellate Tribunal also ruled in favor of these persons and vacated the Show Cause Notice issued to them. It was held by the tribunal that neither any revenue was lost nor it was a case of smuggling or import of banned items.

The custom court in view of judgment of tribunal and facts of the case allowed the application made by the accused under section 265-K of Cr.P.C holding that there is no chance of conviction of the accused in this case.