KARACHI: An accused booked for producing fake NOC of Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) was put on notice by a bench of High Court of Sindh.

The order came in a Criminal Acquittal Appeal filed by Collector (Appraisement) Port Muhammad Bin Qasim through Khalid Rajpar advocate. According to details, Nazeer Ahmed, proprietor Adnan Enterprise filed GD for specific broadcasting equipment supported by an N.O.C from PEMRA.

The Deputy Collector concerned sought a verifi5 from PEMRA which in it’s official response declared NOC as fake. The FIR was lodged but accused was acquitted by judge Special Custom Court on ground that respondent has suceeded on the civil standard proof and that offence could  not be established beyond reasonable doubt.

It also transpired that Islamabad High Court while deciding a petition by Respondent/accused ordered PEMRA to issue a NOC to him. Hearing  the special criminal acquittal appeal the SHC judge held that submissions by counsel for appellant have some force. The bench then put respondent on notice.