Karachi: A new and innovative Exchange Traded Fund has been launched at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), namely the HBL Total Treasury Exchange Traded Fund. This ETF, seventh to be launched on PSX, is a first of its kind as it consists of a blend of Government Debt Securities as the underlying asset class. This security is structured in the ETF form for investors to easily invest in a diversified pool of fixed income Government Debt Securities.

The HBL Total Treasury ETF’s underlying assets consists of of cash & cash equivalent, Treasury Bills (T-Bills) and Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs). It is an open ended fixed income ETF which tracks its benchmark index, the HBL Total Treasury Index (HBLTTI). The closing NAV and the index performance of the ETF is available on PSX as well as the AMC websites for the benefit of investors.

Speaking at the launch of the HBL Total Treasury ETF, the MD & CEO PSX, Mr. Farrukh H. Khan, stated, “The launch of the seventh ETF on PSX, the HBL Total Treasury ETF, is an important and exciting development for the stock market, investors  and all stakeholders. This ETF is the first of its kind and  investors can now easily invest in a diversified pool of fixed income Government Debt Securities by doing a single trade through their brokers on the Ready Counter of the Exchange. Hence, investing in government  securities is now as easy as investing in shares on PSX”.

He further stated, “Introduction of the HBL ETF is part of PSX and the mutual fund industry’s effort to provide a wide range of low cost ETFs for investors, allowing them to easily take exposure to different asset classes and investment strategies. This is the right time to launch this ETF as returns on fixed income securities are high. I congratulate the HBL AMC and HBL Bank on taking the lead and launching this innovative ETF that will fulfill an important gap in the investment products range in Pakistan”.