KARACHI: Customs Court has given Waheed Anwar into the custody of MCC Appraisement for another 3-day remand. Waheed Anwar is arrested pertaining to FIR lodged against M/s RIZ Green Industries and M/s Shafaay International for fraud and revenue evasion.

Meanwhile, Khawaja Shamsul Islam, lawyer of Waheed Anwar and Umair Ashraf, approached High Court filing a petition before Judge Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan. As usual in such cases, Khawaja pleaded that the impugned consignment had come to Pakistan mistakenly and sought permission to re-export the same.

Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan has linked the petition with the decision of Customs Court. Deputy Attorney General is Wajiha Mehdi. Khalid Rajper and Muhammad Sarfaraz Ali are representing Customs. Deputy Collector Faizan Badar and Assistant Collector Salman Javed are monitoring the investigations.

Umair Ashraf of M/s Shafaat International is the mastermind of this scam and Customs is making all out efforts to arrest Ashraf.

Collector Appraisement West Tahir Qureshi has ordered audit of green channel facility, so that the misuse of the green channel facility will be brought to the notice of all quarters.

It may be mentioned here that in every case, whenever caught, importers play innocent and claim that the consignment was mistakenly arrived and should be re-exported. These culprits have hired highly expensive lawyers to take advantage of the loopholes.