KARACHI: Customs Enforcement Karachi has booked several including bonded carrier M/s Saif-ur-Rehman & Brothers Pvt Ltd, M/s Shippo Pakistan Pvt Ltd, M/s Emirates Logistics Pvt Ltd and Shokatullah for smuggling, pilferage of bonded goods and transportation of smuggled goods in different areas of the country.

Shoukatullah and M/s Saif-ur-Rehman & Brothers Pvt Ltd and M/s Emirates Logistics Pvt Ltd have been nominated in multiple FIRs of similar offences, already.

Information was received through Collector Feroz Alam Junejo to Additional Collector Honak Baloch regarding movement of smuggled goods, and pilferage of bonded goods. Therefore, Deputy Collector Inamullah Wazir formed a team led by Preventive Officer Shahbaz Ahmed to thwart the attempt.

Strict surveillance was mounted on Super Highway and the suspected truck was spotted, which turned off route to a link road before Toll Plaza.

The driver of the vehicle could not provide any documentary evidence regarding legal possession of the loaded goods including curtain cloth and steel wire rope.

The preliminary inquiry found that GD was filed by M/ Saif-ur-Rehman & Brothers on behalf of M/s Shippo Pakistan Private Limited. After completion of process the subject consignment was allowed to gate out on the vehicle bearing registration number TLX-472. This vehicle was registered as a bonded carrier vehicle with M/s Saif-ur-Relunan & Brothers.

But when the container (subject consignment) was intercepted it was laden on vehicle number TLB-631 which was not moving to destination as mentioned by the bonded carrier of M/s Shippo Pakistan Private Limited.

Thereafter, the record of this Collectorate was checked minutely and found that the driver Shoukatullah Khan son of Rehmatullah Khan was involved in another FIR and convicted by the learned Trial Court and the vehicle registration number TLB-631 was confiscated by the adjudication authority and then redeemed in lieu of confiscation on payment of fine.

In addition to that it is imperative to bring the criminal record of use of vehicle TLB-631 registered with M/s Emirate Logistics (Pvt) Ltd bonded carrier in smuggling, pilferage of bonded goods and transportation of smuggled goods in different areas of the country.

The value of seized goods is Rs30.4 million and value of vehicle is Rs10 million. An FIR is lodged and investigations are underway.

This is classic case of Transshipment Cargo (TP) cargo replacement. TP replacement mafia is very strong that trackers could not be installed in trucks and containers as yet.

It may be mentioned here that due to tighter controls of mis-declaration in Appraisement South, the number of GDs for transshipment have increased manifold.