KARACHI: Around 2000 contained loaded with banned luxury items are stuck up at port of Karachi choking these ports, Customs News learnt from market sources including importers.

The goods awaiting clearance are Aerated Water, Juices, Chandliers, Cosmetics, Fish Products, Travelling Bags, Foot-ware, Ice creams, Tissue Papers, Chocolates etc. The rental of these container could be around 200,000 US$.

The average duty of each container is stated to be around 300000 rupees and the approximate amount of duty and taxes comes to 7 billion rupees if these are released.

According to a letter written by Additional Collector HQ-I, Islamabad to Secretary of All Pakistan Shipping Association (APSA) a decision has been taken at the highest level to waive off delay and detention charges on consignments of luxury items banned under SRO 598/22 dated 19-5-2022.

The decision is yet to be translated into action as unless the SRO 598/2022 dated 19-5-2022 is rescinded or omitted, these containers could not be released. Most of the items banned are not manufactured in Pakistan and huge amount of importers is being blocked, the sources at FPCCI and other trade bodies say.

The importers have raised their concerns and problems with FPCCI which has conveyed the same to the Prime Minister with a fervent appeal said Shabbir Mansha of FPCCI.

He also demanded that items which left different ports for Karachi Port before 19-5-2022 be released forthwith. He also stated that FBR is attempting to burden the importers by imposing a fine of 5 per cent and 15 per cent on containers which arrived before or.