KARACHI: The lawyers of Karachi boycotted proceedings of court on Thursday in protest over proposed elevation of junior judge to Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Pakistan Bar Council, the apex body of lawyers community and others have jointly gave the call for protest expressing reservation over neglecting principle of seniority and elevation of what they called “like minded judges” to the Superior judiciary.

The protest for the day coincides with a meeting of Supreme Judicial Council, the highest authority which decides and recommends the appointment of judges from High Courts to Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The controversy is going on since elevation of a female judge from Lahore and a male from Sindh. The bar councils are advocating adherence to seniority and maintains that elevation of junior judges superseding senior judges or Chief Justice of High Court affects the moral of judges who were not considered for elevation.

PBC is now demanding amendments in the constitution, regulating powers of Chief Justice of Pakistan and procedure for appointment of judges to superior judiciary.