Federal Tax Ombudsman, Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah, Hilal-e-Imtiaz, and Tamgha-e-Imtiaz has announced the FTO office in Hub.

Honorable FTO visited the office of Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the invitation of Mr. Maqsood Ismail, Present of the Chamber.

Mr. Ismail Suttar, President of Employers Federation of Pakistan and Ex. The President of Lasbela Chamber Welcomed the FTO on behalf of the Business and Industrial Community of the district. In his speech, he highlighted the un-tabbed industrial potential of Balochistan with particular reference to the mineral sector. He said that serious efforts in the mineral sector may bring the country in the leading exporting countries. Mr. Suttar stated that Lasbela Chamber represents the only organized Industrial cluster in Balochistan. 99% of the industries of the entire province are located here and generate revenue more than the rest of the entire province. The more the industries are facilitated to perform their operations, the more the province and the country would progress the opening of the FTO office in Hub would be a great source of relief for the industries to resolve their Tax-related issues at the fastest pace.

The honorable Federal Tax Ombudsman has very kindly considered this proposal and announced the opening of the office of FTO at Hub. This office is expected to be operational in a few weeks’ time. The Business and Industrial Community has warmly welcomed this announcement and termed it as great support for the existing industry but also a plus point to attract new investors to this area. He elaborated on the process of resolving the tax issues received at his office in minimum time. He encouraged the industrialist and businessmen to contact his office to resolve the complaints in minimal time, free of cost.

The FTO has announced the appointment of Mr. Ismail Suttar as his Advisor for the province with immediate effect.

Mr. Ismail Suttar presented the memento o the Chamber to Dr. Asif Jah Mahmood, FTO for visiting the chamber. He thanked the FTO and his team for visiting the Chamber office and for taking interest in the industrial progress of Balochistan.