KARACHI: A custom appellate bench of High Court of Sindh re-endorsing its earlier order passed on 13-06-2022 has warned the custom collectorates East, West, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim to follow the dictum laid down in Danish Jehangir case or in case of defiance or non following, contempt of court proceedings would be initiated without any notice.

The bench in its order dated 23-06-2022 in the presence of Collector, Additional Collectors, Assistant Collectors  and others while dealing with petitions wherein provisional release was denied without any reason, observed that as per ratio of these case, prima facie dictum laid down in the Danish Jehangir case has been violated but in view of undertakings by the Collectors, court is restraining itself from initiating any action.

The bench said that this would not be repeated and if done would not be tolerated. the conduct is not repeated at their end, failing which no further indulegence would be shown and proceedings under the contempt laws would be initiated without any exception.

The bench further ordered that copy of this order be sent to Chief Collectors of South, who was further directed to circulate the same amongst all collectorates for compliance besides sending the same to FBR Islamabad, Member Customs (Operations) for information and necessary action.