LAHORE: Anti-smuggling wing of Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-Customs, Lahore has made 373 Cases of NDP/Smuggled goods and vehicles worth of Rs5.707 Billion during current financial year from July 2021 to June 2022.

The Directorate under the able leadership of Director Ms. Saima Aftab and Additional Director Muhammad Hassan Farid devised a multipronged strategy for prevention of smuggling during the CFY 2021-22.

Despite having territorial jurisdiction of only Lahore & Gujranwala Divisions, the value of seizures in the CFY is unprecedented.

The Directorate of I&I despite lack of human and material resources, contributed significantly in Anti-smuggling drive initiated by the FBR.

During various anti-smuggling operations/raids on road and damping places, the Directorate has mainly made seizures of foreign origin goods notified under section 2(s) of the Customs Act, 1969 i.e. fabrics, betel nuts, tyres, auto parts, cigarettes, luxury vehicles etc, which constitutes of around 70% of the afore stated figure.

Moreover, the Directorate has exponentially surpassed all the previous figures in respect of NDP/Smuggled vehicles’ seizures having worth of Rs. 816.540 million (Approx.) during the CFY. This feat is mainly due to the restructuring of I&P Cell and utilization of investigation inputs for chasing out NDP vehicles networks with the help of sister enforcement agencies.

The Directorate performance in Enforcement side is even better as Directorate framed 41 contraventions of having value of offending good tune of Rs. 13827.226 Million involving evasion of duty & taxes of Rs. 2430.593 million.

The Directorate of I&I, in the last half of the CFY (January – June) has also accelerated the disposal of confiscated goods/vehicles through frequent public auctions. The total proceeds of public auctions stand at Rs. 674.435 million (Approx). In addition to this, the Directorate has also realized the total proceeds of Rs. 178.864 million (Approx.) on account of goods released on redemption fine along with duty & taxes.