KARACHI: Pak-Japan Business Council has approached Chairman National Accountability Bureaue (NAB) complaining against Tahir Habib Cheema (Trade and Investment Counselor at Pakistan’s Embassy Tokyo Japan) on alleged Corruption, bribery, kickbacks and misuse of authority.

According to the compliant, Tahir Habib Cheema (33 common Customs Group), who is an officer of the Customs Department and was on deputation at the Prime Minister’s House, was appointed as Trade and Investment Consul in Japan in 2019, directly on the recommendation of the former Prime Minister.

Tahir Habib Cheema has close relatives residing in Japan, many of whom are involved in the stolen car business and have been arrested, the news of which has also been aired on Japanese news channels.

Pak Japan Business Council started receiving complaints against Tahir Habib Cheema, such as soliciting bribes from Japanese businesses for legal work and arrangement of his family travels in Japan, and this was also reported to the then Ambassador to Japan, Imtiaz Ahmad, however, Ambassador Imtiaz Ahmad refused to take any action due to the influence of Tahir Cheema in the Prime Minister’s House.

After which Pak Japan Business Council through its lawyer in Pakistan complained to the Ministry of Commerce with evidence, in response to which an Inquiry was started against Tahir Cheema’s kickbacks and misuse of power, however, this inquiry was stopped by Tahir Habib Cheema by using his influences.

It was also known that Tahir Habib Cheema wrote a secret letter to Hino Motors, falsely accusing their business partner Rana Abid Hussain Chairman Pak-Japan Business is a con and a fake organization so the business relationship should be terminated.

Pak-Japan Business Council urged NAB to conduct an investigation at the highest level against Tahir Habib Cheema, to find evidence of massive corruption including a company in the name of his wife, the buying of property in Japan, and heavy investments in the name of his relatives.