KARACHI: Government has announced several measures to support industrial sector.

1. To incentivize packaging industry, CD and ACD on various tariff lines pertaining to aluminum, polymers of ethylene, BOPP etc. have been downward rationalized.

2. Reduction in CD and ACD on 10 tariff lines pertaining to direct and reactive dyes.

3. To incentivize agricultural sector and farmers, customs duty exemption extended further to Farm Mechanization and Logistics including agricultural machinery pertaining to irrigation, drainage, harvesting / post- harvest handling & processing, plant protection equipment as well as machinery, equipment and other capital goods for miscellaneous agro based set ups in Sr. 1, 2 and 3 of Part-I of Fifth Schedule

4. To incentivize Coating Industry, CD and ACD have been exempted on Aluminum paste and powder and CD and ACD have been reduced on glycerol crude and glycerol

5. To incentivize manufacturers of filters other than automotive, CD and ACD have been reduced on their raw materials i.e, Adhesive, Epoxide resins, Filter media/paper, Non-woven fabric media and Steel plates/sheets of prime quality.

6. To incentivize footwear industry, customs duties have been reduced on different categories of other woven fabrics and artificial flowers / foliage of other materials

7. To incentivize LED lights and bulbs manufacturers customs duties have been exempted on import of 05 more items i.e, Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor, SMT Electrical Transformer, aluminum alloy sheet, Tantalum capacitors (DIP/SMD) and Other inductors, small transformer, coil (DIP/SMD). Furthermore, the scope of exemption has also been extended for the manufacturers of Parts of LED light and Bulbs.

8. Tariff structure on the different tariff lines related to MDF /HDF have been rationalized evenly.

9. To encourage local manufacturers of brush ware, customs duties have been  exempted on import of Poly-butylene terephthalate.

10. CD & ACD on import of Stamping foils have been exempted for manufacturing of Optical Fiber Cable.

11. Tariff structure on import of Synthetic filament yarn, monofilament, staple fibers of polypropylene has been rationalized to resolve the cascading issues.

12. To encourage export oriented industry, CD and ACD have been exempted on import of Guts, bladders and stomachs of animals etc.

13. Reduction in CD and ACD rates on import of Plywood, veneered panels & similar laminated wood, poly (methyl methacrylate), cyanoacrylate

14. Extension in scope of concession on import of organic composite solvents and thinners for the manufacturers of Dibutyl Orthophthalates.

15. Rationalization of Tariff structure on import of IV Leaves extract powders and exemption of CD & ACD on its raw materials i.e, other plants and parts of plants from 3% CD and 2% ACD

16. Exemption of customs duties on import of membrane for filtering / purifying water from 16% CD & 4%ACD

17. Exemption of customs duties on 03 different raw materials for first aid bandages manufacturing industry from 5%.

18. Reduction of customs duties on import of flavouring powders for food preparation for snacks manufacturers.

19. Exemption of CD & ACD on raw materials of aluminum conductor composite core manufacturers.

20. Exemption of CD & ACD on import of raw materials of paper sizing industry and chlorinated paraffin wax industry.