KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has submitted the interim challan before the Special Court Customs and Taxation, in the case of mis-declaration of hot rolled and cold rolled steel, causing loss to the national exchequer.

According to the challan, Nasir Hussain s/o Aamir Hussain is absconding, while Muhammad Anwar of M/s Trishmir Imports, Shabbir Ahmed of M/s Trishmir Imports and Huzaifa Sachwani of M/s Metallurgy International are on bail.

By mis-declaring quantity and value of the imported goods, the accused attempted to evade government revenue of Rs5.15 million.

Brief facts of the case are that M/s Metallurgy International is an importer/exporter and wholesaler of steel products with a pattern of clearing such goods through Into Bond GDs where the goods description is finalized after testing of goods through laboratory.

Information was passed through Collector Tahir Qureshi to Additional Collector Yasir Kalwar and Deputy Collector Raza Naqvi that the importer with the connivance of the clearing agent were involved in manipulating samples and their reports in order to clear goods under HS code 7225.1900 attracting zero percent custom duty and additional custom whereas the goods are actually classified under the HS code 7209.1610 that ant higher duty rate i.e. 20 percent with the anti dumping duty.

Accordingly the 04 goods declarations were scrutinized and samples were drawn from public bond M/s Meezan Enterprises in the presence of custodian of the in-bonded goods and Shabbir Ahmad manager of M/s Trishmir Imports. It was established the accused committed mis-declaration to evade government revenue.

Muhammad Anwer owner of M/s Trishmir Imports is known to be running a mega scam, wherein importers are lured to indulge in revenue evasion as per plan designed by Muhammad Anwer, and then he blackmails the importers to mint further money.

Muhammad Anwer is the mastermind of several frauds and lure importers to indulge in revenue evasion, and then blackmails those importers to mint money.

Sources aid Muhammad Anwer is patronized by a Customs official, and gets FIRs lodged against importers refusing his demands using his connections in the Customs. This is for the first time that Muhammad Anwar is nominated in the challan.