KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has notified the procedure for clearance of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). It has been observed that for the consignments of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in some cases, the Goods Declarations (GDs) are not filed timely by the importers for payment of leviable duty/taxes whereas LNG is transmitted instantly from the terminal to the pipeline of importers after discharge from the vessel.

In order to ensure timely payment of duty/taxes of LNG consignments as long as the same is being processed under One-Customs System at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, the following standard operating procedure is prescribed with immediate effect:

i. After discharge of LNG to the FSRU and preparation of final discharge report, the concerned Examination Officer shall forward the discharge report to Principal Appraiser (One Customs).

ii. The importer or his authorized agent shall simultaneously submit request for filing of GD in One Customs to the Assistant/Deputy Collector (MIS), which shall be processed.

iii. Once the request for filing of GD in One Customs has been approved, and the invoice is finalized based on final discharge report, the importer or his authorized agent shall file GD along with all documents required for assessment (including bill of lading, invoice, discharge report, packing list, etc.) without any delay.

iv. The PRAL Support Officer shall make entry in the register with date and time regarding the GD presented for embossing the machine number. After allocating the machine number, he shall instantly forward the manual (paper) GD to the Principal Appraiser (One Customs) for assessment under proper receipt.

v. The Senior PRAL Support Officer shall generate a list of all the GDs filed in One Customs on daily basis and forward the same to the Principal Appraiser (One Customs) to obviate the chances of non-presentation of LNG GD where machine number is already embossed through the available option in One Customs.

vi. The Senior PRAL Support Officer shall also provide manifest data of IGMs of LNG consignments to the Principal Appraiser (One Customs) on weekly basis (every Saturday morning). The Principal Appraiser (One Customs) shall keep updated record of all manifests of LNG and GDs filed against each of them. In case GD is not filed along with all required documents (i.e. bill of lading, invoice, packing list, discharge report, etc.), the Principal Appraiser (One Customs) shall bring the matter to the notice of Assistant / Deputy Collector (One Customs) without any delay for further necessary action under the law.