KARACHI: Establishment Division has notified the appointment of Asim Ahmad as Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

A notification to this effect was issued today after the cabinet approved the summary to remove Ashfaq Ahmed Khan from the post appointing Asim as the new chairman of the tax collection authority.

Asim – a grade-21 officer of the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) – had not been given any post after his removal as chairman of the FBR in August last year. It will be the second time that Asim will be made FBR chairman. Earlier, he had remained at the helm of affairs from April to August 2021 and was succeeded by Ashfaq Ahmad.

Asim will face immediate challenges in preparing next year’s budget, cleaning the tax machinery from the tainted officers serving in field offices, particularly in Karachi, and preparing a strategy to collect around Rs7 trillion in taxes in the next fiscal year.

An official said unlike the insecure Dr. Ashfaq, Asim Ahmad is a very competent and well reputed officer and had proved himself to be a good administrator.