KARACHI: Establishment plays a decisive role in the recent political crisis yet maintaining it’s “Nuetrality” proving it’s key role in flourishing democratic process.

The adamemt former Imran Khan negation to implement the judgment of Supreme Court on April 09 rang alarm bells and set troops roll into federal captial that night, the watchful judiciary was forced to open its door after Iftar and the country was heading towards a constitutional crisis and at this juncture a serious intervention forced Imran Khan to yield to constitution and democratic process. The message with action resulted in smooth voting on No Confidence Motion after midnight.

The identical role was played by Establishment yesterday when PTI and PML (Q) members resorted to violence in order to prevent election of new chief minister.

Establishment moved in and again supported the democratic process.
Pervez Ellahi got a strong message and the rest is history. The professional soldiers proved that they support no politician or party but democracy in Pakistan.

This is the proof of their neutrality and proves the failure of politicians to settle their differences within the elected houses. It’s time for politicians to settle issues within themselves without going to courts or to look towards Establishment.