KARACHI: Imran Khan’s conspiracy theory was demolished by ISPR chief when he said that statement issued by National Security Committee did not contain the word “conspiracy”.

Responding to a question he said that top brass of armed forces expressed their stance at the meeting and the statement about the meeting was endorsed by them but the said statement is devoid of word ‘conspiracy’.

Taking another stand he belied the claim made by Former Prime Minister Imran Khan that Establishment gave him three options. It was government which approached us and came up with these options in meeting with General Bajwa and DG ISI, said ISPR chief.

He also denied that US asked for military fields this deflating the entire Anti American stance of PTI and Imran Khan that he was toppled by USA. The Press Conference by ISPR chief was cc andid and proved that Imran Khan is a liar and can do any thing to satisfy personal ego and in lust for power may compromise national security.