KARACHI: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) is planning to tender enbloc resignations to stir another constitutional crisis.
The resignations will be tendered after election of new leader of the lower house.

Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed, former Interior Minister has convinced the PTI leadership that this strategy is going to work and Establishment would be forced to find some solution and this may bring some relief to PTI leaders exposed to accountability for misdeeds and adventurism.

Rasheed and Fawad both have hinted this new plan but forgets that how many MNAs will accept this decision. As per independent news a majority of PTI MNAs want to sit in opposition and want Assembly completes it’s full term.

These MNAs may form a forward block.
Even if all PTI members resigns then byelection could be held on vacant seats.
Yet in order to prevent Shahbaz Sharif from entering into office of Prime Minister PTI may take another disastrous decision further damaging the party.