KARCAHI: The night of Saturday, April 09 will be remembered for unforgettable developments including a clear message to PTI government to stay clear of smooth democratic transition of power.

After a day long dilly dallying over voting on No Confidence Motion by Speaker of National Assemby, Asad Qaiser, it was made abundantly clear that Supreme Court is monitoring that whether it’s judgment is being implemented or not.

The flurry of events at Prime Minister house and childish approaches to avert voting and subsequent ouster filtering through a few selected journalists forced the Establishment to move for ending week long chaos and constitutional crisis.

Two men called on PM Imran Khan and told him that no option is left. The only option is to follow the decision by the top court or else, they will have no other choice but to act in aid of Supreme Court to enforce judgment of April 07.

To ensure action if order was defied, the Islamabad High Court was opened as it is also an Executor of judgements rendered by Supreme Court. Simultaneously office of Election Commission was also opened for issuing notification of disqualification against any member of Parliament who challenge or defies to obey and implement orders of apex court.

By 11:30 pm Prime Minister Imran Khan was aware that if he and his men resist any further they may face serious consequences first being taken into protective custody. This was the moment when Imran knew that all is over for him and his government.

The Speaker and Deputy Speaker decided to resign paving way for conducting the business in the lower house and to allow any one from a panel of four members who could chair a session to carry forward the agenda for the day. Ayaz Sadiq former Speaker in Nawaz Sharif era then chaired the session and the rest is history.

Imran although narrowly escaped arrest but Letter Gate may land him in Prison when Conspiracy Letter Theory will be unfolded and put to judicial scrutiny.